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Dried Floral Decor

I love dried flowers!

I have them hanging all over the XOXO Shop and they are just beautiful and even fragrant! They make lasting arrangements!. I am so excited that this October I will be designing a wedding using all dried florwers!

I decided I wanted something different than a traditional wreath displayed on my front door. I have some frames that were extremely outdated. The gold frame just wasn't doing it for me.

So, I used some Behr Primer in One paint and spruced it up! I used a matte lavender color that muted the frame very nicely. After the paint dried, I attached the dried flowers and greens to the corner of the frame. Silver Dollar Eucalyptus, Lavender, and a single Cream Peony.

As much as I love wreathes, I like things that are unique even more so!

I am very happy with this project and will have more hanging around my shop for purchase. I plan to take some custom orders and will even be will to teach some classes as a fun DIY!

Let me know if you have a frame laying around that needs some new life!


Jamie June

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