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When choosing your wedding flowers, Express Yourself!

When choosing your wedding flowers, Express Yourself! Is Madonna stuck in your head now, like she is mine?

With engagement season approaching at warp

speed, I want to reflect on conversations I have with many brides.

I speak with many beautiful brides and all of them are unique and precious to my heart. Some know exactly what they want, some seem overwhelmed.

The most common questions I get from brides are:

"Can I have that at my wedding?"

"Should I get so & so a boutonierre too?"

"What do most people do?"

My response is always the same. "It's your wedding!"

Other conversations or articles that are brought my way are about the floral trends and themes that are popular right now. Although, it's good to have guidelines, I prefer couples to share their big day expressing themselves.

When I meet with couples, I like to know what they like and create a bouquet that was meant for them. I love when I get the opportunity to see them hold their bouquet. I know it was "meant to be"

I am hoping that as engagement season begins, and the journey to building the perfect day, plans will be about the love you have for each other. Disregard what society has to say about your perfect day and just express who you are! If you want ice cream instead of cake at your wedding, remember it's your wedding! If you like peach and red flowers, go for it! I love it!!! If you are choosing what society tells you, or mom, or grandma, it's no longer your wedding. They can have amazing suggestions, but ultimately it comes down to what the couple wants.

Flowers are a beautiful gift for you. Take time to find the ones you love. Ask your florist to help you remain in a good budget for what you want. A good florist can work to make your day beautiful. If you want a particular flower, there are ways to fit it in your budget. Of course, there may need to be some compromising but a good florist knows how to be creative. Florists know how to work the B&B! Beauty & Budget is a florist skill!

So, next time you check out those famous bridal sites & Pinterest Boards, make sure you are discovering you and not the trend.

If you are all about the rustic and woodsy, then have at it! They are very romantic weddings. Just always remember to express yourself.

I am hoping as you search for a florist, you find one that listens to who you are. You are unique and your wedding flowers should be too!


Jamie June*

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